Defensive Plover

Red-capped Plover

Charadrius ruficapillus

Hat Head NSW 2440, Australia

5 October 2020

This Red Capped Plover is engaging in some sort of distraction tactic, trying to get me to notice herself instead of her eggs. I was wandering around the mighty dunes in Hat Head National park at sunset and trundled into her territory. She skittered up to me and repeatedly ducked and spread her wings out. Eventually I saw her eggs and tip toed out of her property.

The dunes at Hat Head National Park are the land of the Dunghutti people, containing burial and ceremonial grounds. Two Bora Rings are found within the park, raised flat circular land that is/was used in "boys becoming men" rituals. I felt like I was stepping on sacred ground. In general, I have a "Don't Walk On The Dunes" mentality, though others were sledding down the sand, so perhaps my footsteps were not the worst offenders that day.